Probation Programs

First Offenders Program

A group specializing in juveniles charged with delinquent offenses for the first time.  The group provides education to the juvenile as well as parents in areas such as peer relationships, drug abuse, social skills, criminal activity, and the judicial / probation system.  The group also focuses on active parenting skills and the identification of problems within the home. 

Substance Education

This group centers on the education of youths in regard to the facts as well as the myths surrounding substance abuse and addiction. 

Supported Outpatient Program

The Supported Outpatient Program or SOP is for those juveniles that require additional treatment in regard to substance abuse.  Generally, these young men and women have relapsed during probation supervision or have failed to display the ability to remain clean and sober without direct intervention. 

Alternatives to Domestic Violence 

Alternatives to Domestic Violence is a 22 week group treatment program through Family Service Association. The issues discussed are based on the Duluth Model for intervention of domestic violence. Participants are expected to remain drug and alcohol free throughout the term of the program. Men’s, women’s, and children’s groups are available.

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