911 Career Opportunities


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Application Instructions:

Applicants may apply via our Indeed.com application here: Hancock County 911 Application

If unable to complete the online application through the above link, there is an application at the bottom of this page that can be filled out and emailed to Greg Shamblin.

Questions regarding employment/hiring should be emailed to Deputy Director, Greg Shamblin, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Hiring Process steps (at times these steps may not be followed in exact order):  Reasonable testing accommodations may be made for applicants who reside 120 or more miles from Hancock County.

  • Completion of Online Application
  • Background Check
  • Criticall Typing Test (paragraph typing (35wpm), date entry typing (measured by keystrokes per hour), and multitasking skills)
  • Criticall Dispatch Test (spelling, grammar, mapping, reading comprehension, etc)
  • Peer Interview
  • Completion of Full Hancock County Employment Application
  • Director Interview
  • Conditional Offer of Employment
  • Voice Stress Analysis
  • Full Background Investigation
  • Hearing, Vision, Drug and Psychological testing
  • Communication’s Policy Board Approval
  • Hancock County Board of Commissioners approval
  • Approximate hire date is TBD

Hancock County Communications is an equal opportunity employer and necessary accommodations may be made to complete the testing.

Click Here For The Job Description

Click Here For The Pre-Application Form


A couple of things you can do to help prepare yourself for a career in 911:

Practice paragraph typing & data entry typing.  This is a large portion of the job.  Speed and accuracy are important when dealing with emergency situations.

Take FEMA NIMS IS-100, IS-200, IS-700 & IS-800 online through the FEMA Emgergency Management Institute (EMI)



These are just a couple of things that can give you a little bit of boost on your application.  Doing these does NOT guarentee anyone a job with Hancock County 911 or any other 911 Center.  

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