Required Training

-Participants must complete FEMA online training for IS-100.b (Introduction to the Incident Command System).


-Participants must complete FEMA online training for IS-200.b (ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents).


-Particpants must complete the IMT Participant Approval Form.  If you don't have a Public Safety Identification Number you can apply for one here.


Additional Recommended Training


-It's recommended that particpants complete online training IS-700.a (An Introduction to the National Incident Management System).


-It's recommended that partcipants complete online training IS-800.b (An Introduction to the National Response Framework).


-It's recommended that partcipants complete online training IS-860.c (National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)).


-It's recommended that participants complete classroom training ICS-300: Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents and and ICS-400: Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff.  Check the IDHS Training Calendar for class offereings.  IS-100, IS-200, IS-700 and IS-800 are prerequisits for these classes (and ICS-300 for ICS-400).


-It's recommended that participants become a Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) authorized user.  Training is available here.


-It's recommended that participants join the FBI's INFRAGARD collaboration community.  Apply for membership here.




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