Auditor Functions

The County Auditor is a constitutional officer of the county.  The Auditor is elected to a four-year term from the county at large, with prohibition against serving more than two consecutive terms. The main overall goal is to support and assist you in gaining access to the reporting of fiscal affairs of Hancock County Government. To do this the Auditor and Staff perform many behind the scene tasks from keeping minutes of various Board meetings, for which the Auditor serves as secretary and clerk, to the highly technical duties of financial statement preparation and compliance with federal tax guidelines.  The County Auditor's office has evolved dramatically from a bookkeeper, clerk and secretary, to a financial manager with responsiblities which impact the financial well-being of County Government.

    • The Auditor's duties basically fall into seven different categories:
      1. Secretarial
          -Secretary to:
          -County Commissioners & Council
          -State Tax Adjustment Board, Secretary/Chair to Data Board
          -Keeps all Official Records (i.e. correspondence, both Council       & Commissioners, bids, letters of credit, etc.)
          -Prepare and Distribute Agenda
          -Reassessment Notices and Schedules
      2. Advertisement
          -Notice of all meetings
          -Budget Rates
          -Tax Sale
      3. Financial
          -Budget preparation for Council and State DLGF
          -Initial determination of tax rates for the County
          -Pays all debt service
          -Balancing of County Funds
          -Quietus all account receivable money
          -All non-binding review for annual budgets for                           townships/cities/towns/libraries
      4. Tax
          -Audits Treasurer's Books
          -Budget Transfers and Additional
          -Transmit Budget Orders and Tax Rates for all Units of               County Government
          -Tax Sale-Publications & Records of Sale
          -Deductions - Homestead, Mortgage, Veteran & Age Disability
      5. Property Records
          -Certificate of Net Assessed Values to All Taxing Units
          -Receives, Maintains and Audits Deductions: Homestead,             Mortgage, Veteran, Age, Circuit Breaker, Disability,
           Calculates and Applies Certificate of Errors and Added                 Assessments
          -Calculates any Refunds
          -Maintains Subdivisions, Street Names, Splits, or Combination       in GIS
          -Certify Signatures for Petitions
          -Maintains Aerial Plat Books
          -Enter for taxation all deeds, plats and other documents
          -Transfer real estate/required change legal description in plat        books
          -Certify Property Owners for Zoning & BZA’s
          -Transfer Fees
      6. Personnel and Payroll
          -Employee Files
           -Service Record
           -Wage Scale
           -Job Classifications
           -Prepares, Advertises
           -W-2's, W-4's, Taxes
           -Payment of Taxes to IRS, FICA, Department of Revenue
           -Vacation & Sick Days
          -Employee Benefits
           -Health & Life Insurance
           -Deferred Comp
      7. Abstract and Settlement
          -Distribution of all Taxing Units Abstract
          -Tax Sale Appeals
          -Quietusing of all Receipts



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