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Neither the Hancock County Clerk nor staff may give legal opinion or advice; therefore, contacting an attorney may be best.  It is recognized that some people involved in litigation would prefer to handle matters on their own; however, ex-parte communication to the Judge is not allowed.

All correspondence with the Courts must be filed in the Clerk's Office.  A copy of the petition must be sent to the other party before bringing it into the Clerk's Office.

This section of the website offers an example format on how to draft a petition to the Court.  Please note that this format is ORDERED by the Hancock County Judges and must be neatly typed or printed.  Letters/Motions/Petitions are subject to rejection if they are not legible.  Please click here to view a sample Petition.

Many forms are available on the Indiana Judicial Branch Self-Service Legal Center.  There may be a form on the Indiana Judicial Branch Self-Service Legal Center that will suit your needs instead of creating a petition yourself.  Please click the link to go directly to that page.

DIY Guides:

Other court forms typically used by an attorney, such as expungement or sealing of records, can be found by clicking here.  If you are unsure which forms to use, please consult an attorney.

For more information about small claims, see the manuel by clicking on the following link  *Small Claims Manual*

For additional self-help assistance and forms, please visit the State of Indiana Judiciary Self-Service Legal Center page by clicking the link.

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