Protective Orders

There are three basic types of orders designed to protect or keep individuals separated from one another in cases of violence or the threat of violence to an individual.

A No Contact Order can apply to anyone who is not eligible for a protective order. Often it is used in a criminal case and prohibits someone from contacting or telephoning another person.

A Workplace Violence Restraining Order is for violence or threats of violence in the workplace. Restraining orders are typically filed in a civil case.

Protective Order is an order used in cases of family or relationship violence. The forms are designated for Adult Protection or for Protection of a Child. When using the website to search for the form, please indicate the relationship of the parties.

To file a protective order the following information is required:

  • Date of Birth for both the Petitioner and the Respondent
  • Social Security Number is helpful
  • Valid address to serve the Respondent

Forms are available at the Hancock County Clerk’s Office or may be downloaded using the State’s Website listed below.  A Cover Sheet and the appropriate Protection Order Form should be completed.

To seek protection or get additional assistance contact Alternatives Inc. at the 24-hour hotline 1-866-593-9999.




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