The Hancock County Courthouse will be closed between 2:00 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

Pro Se Divorce: Do-it-yourself Divorce

Neither the Hancock County Clerk nor staff may give legal opinion or advice; therefore, contacting an attorney may be best. It is recognized that some people involved in litigation would prefer to handle matters on their own, so this page is to assist in navigating the court system.

In order to be eligible for a pro-se divorce, a couple must be in complete agreement on every matter.  It is at this time that a petition to have a maiden name restored may be made.

The State of Indiana has developed a self-service website to download the forms for divorce. Please follow this link to access the website Indiana Supreme Court: Self-Service Legal Center to locate the packet suitable for the circumstance.

The following items are required to make application for divorce:

  1. PETITION: Need 1 with original signatures on each
  2. PRO SE APPEARANCE: Need 1 original
  3. SUMMONS: Need 1 if service is to be by certified mail or 3 if the service is to be served by the sheriff’s department.
  4. Bring to the Hancock County Clerk's Office along with the appropriate filing fee.
    Fee for Certified Mail: $157.00
    Fee for Service by Sheriff: $185.00

For additional information or forms please see the Department of Child Services page by click this link:

Please bring Cash or Money Order

The Hancock County Clerk’s Office does not accept personal checks.



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