The Hancock County Courthouse will be closed between 2:00 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

Poll Workers

Poll Workers are essential individuals that provide the labor to allow for a smooth election process so that all voters have the opportunity to cast their ballot. Civic-minded individuals that serve their community often go under-recognized; therefore, it is the privilege of the Hancock County Clerk’s Office – Election Division to inform the citizens of Hancock County of the duties performed by these public-spirited people and to invite eligible registered citizens to join in and sign-up to work at the Polls on Election Day.

In Hancock County, the poll workers consist of the Inspector, the Judge of the Opposite Party of the Inspector, and an Election Assistant.  Below is a quick overview of the roles each position plays at the Vote Center.

The Inspector is from the same political party as the Clerk of the Circuit Court, and jointly with the Judge of the Opposite Party is responsible for the overall running of the Poll.  Duties such as opening and closing the polls, swearing in poll workers and handling the administrative paperwork are just a few of the hats that the Inspector might wear.

The Judge of the Opposite Party accompanies the Inspector at the closing of the polls to transport ballots to the Hancock County Annex so that the votes can be tabulated. In addition, the Judge of the Opposite Party insures dual accountability of the two major political parties.

The Election Assistant is just that, a person who assists at the Vote Center. The Election Assistant may be the clerk running the Electronic Poll Book or distributing ballots. The Election Assistant, along with another poll worker, may assist voters or act as a part of the Provisional Team.

Other Persons allowed in the Polls may be poll watchers and the media who have requested access at the polls. State law allows for the media, political parties and candidates to assign a poll watcher to go to the polls. In all instances, all watchers are required to have proper approved credentials.

Poll workers attend a workshop to review election procedure, new or changed regulation and safety precautions. This link will direct your attention to the training available by the State of Indiana’s Election Division.

To become a Poll Worker, please contact the Hancock County Clerk’s Office – Election Division at 317-477-1171.

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