Document Rejections

Most Common Rejections of Documents:

  • Notary missing or incomplete
  • Incorrect fee or fee not included
  • Name must be typed the same as signature
  • Check made payable to incorrect county/office
  • Name of person preparing the document missing
  • Document is not suitable for microfilm
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope not enclosed
  • We do not forward instruments to third parties without SASE
  • Not for Hancock County
  • Sales disclosure form not included
  • Fee for sales disclosure form not included (payable to Treasurer)
  • Original mortgage (Lender) not shown may be placed anywhere on document
  • Attached exhibits missing
  • Legal description incorrect, incomplete or missing
  • Instrument number of the Power of Attorney not  provided at the signature
  • Cross reference number to original document incorrect or missing
  • Name of company and title of officer doesn’t  appear at signature
  • Names must be typed or printed under all signatures
  • Document does not have 2" space top and bottom margin on first and last page (additional $1 per page)  as required by amend. I.C. 36-2-11-16.5 or has been used by a party other than Recorder
  • Affirmation statement missing


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Recorder Alert

Please contact the Recorders office at 477-1142 should you receive mail stating "DEED PROCESSING NOTICE". A copy of your DEED is available at the Recorder’s office for $1.00 per page and Deeds are usually one or two pages.

Hancock County is NOT SENDING out this processing notice. Should you receive any mail regarding Property profile or Deeds, feel free to contact us so that we may assist you.

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