The statewide cyclical is scheduled to begin May 1st, 2018. During the cyclical reassessment, counties will physically inspect 25% of each property class over a 4 year period. A reassessment is the physical inspection of each property to ensure property record cards are correct.

The last cyclical reassessment was for 7/1/14 - 1/1/18.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from a reassessment?

A reassessment will result in a new value being established for your property. This new value will replace the value currently on your property and will be the basis used for taxing property. Please remember that an increase in property value does not automatically mean an increase in your property taxes.

How is a reassessment conducted?

A data collector will visit each property to gather information. Each of your data collectors will carry a photo identification card. After checking to see if anyone is home, our data collector will conduct the following for each property.

  • Take a picture of the outside of your property.
  • Identify any physical changes and improvements to the property.
  • Record any necessary measurements.

How can I make sure my assessment is correct?

First of all, talk with the Assessor's Office. They want to do the best possible job. Please don't ignore notices, letters to your property.

Why do we have reassessment?

Reassessments are required by law and are to insure that each property is valued fairly. The purpose of the reassessment is to realign the values of real property.

What are property tax caps?

Beginning with 2010 tax bills, property owners have been entitled to a circuit breaker cap on the amount of property taxes over:

  • 1% homestead properties
  • 2% long term care facilities
  • 2% residential properties
  • 2% agricultural land
  • 3% nonresidential properties
  • 3% personal property

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