Property Tax Deductions

Property tax deductions should be filed at the Auditor's office. We are located in the Courthouse Annex building at 111 American Legion Place, Suite 217 in Greenfield. If your forms were filed by title companies, mortgage companies or real estate agents please contact our office to verify those forms have been filed timely.  If you prefer to file the forms by mail all deduction forms are available at the Department of Local Government page of the State of Indiana website at    You will need to include a self addressed stamped envelope with your filing to request a receipt.  If you have questions about  what deductions you might be eligible for please check the Indiana tax benefits form listed below.  Questions regarding eligibility or filing deadlines should be directed to the Auditor's office at 317-477-1105.

To file deductions, please bring last five digits of your Social Security number and Drivers License number and the state your Drivers License was issued in for all property owners and spouses.  This is regardless of who shows on the title of the property. 

To obtain the amount of your property taxes for the current or previous tax years or for instructions on how to pay your property taxes, contact the Hancock County Treasurer at 317-477-1152.

Have you filed for all the property tax deductions that you might be eligible for?

For questions regarding your current deductions call the Hancock County Auditor at 317-477-1105. To view all available deductions types or to obtain deduction forms please visit the Indiana Property Tax Benefits form page.

Have you refinanced your mortgage, changed your name, changed ownership or moved?

If you refinance your mortgage, change your name, ownership or moved you must reapply for your property tax deductions at Hancock County Auditor.

Are you over 65, a Veteran or disabled?

In order to apply for the Over 65 deductions and disability deductions you must bring your most recent Federal Tax return and proof of disability from your doctor. If you are a disabled American Veteran, you must bring your Award of Compensation showing the percentage the VA has determined for your service-connected disability.

Do you need to change your tax mailing address?

Please complete the address change form and mail or email the form to:

Hancock County Auditor
Attention: Address Change
111 S. American Legion Place, Suite 217
Greenfield, IN 46140



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