Public Records Request

From time-to-time, the public needs to access the public records maintained at the Hancock County Clerk’s Office. It may be of interest that marriage records in Hancock County were first recorded in 1826; however, the applications were not recorded until 1882.

Genealogy may be best served using the link to the State of Indiana's Health Department. In addition, the Indiana State Museum maintains vast records for research. For local research, please limit your requests to two.

Death and Birth Records are maintained by the Hancock County Health Department. The address for the Health Department is 111 American Legion Place, Room 150, Greenfield, IN 46140. Telephone: 317-477-1125

Please contact the Hancock County Health Department or the other State Agencies for a schedule of their fees and hours.

Court Case records are primarily public record except on cases that are deemed by statue confidential, such as a juvenile or paternity case*. Case information can be viewed on the Internet at:

A copy of Court documents can be provided upon payment of the record's preservation fee which is as follows:

  • $1.00/page (Court Cases)
  • $1.00/year (Child Support Payment Print-outs**)
  • $1.00/per certification of document (Certification of a document is a separate fee above the record's preservation fee)

*Information on Juvenile, Paternity or other Confidential Cases is only provided to parties of the case. Parties of a confidential court case must provide photo identification.

**If unable to come into the office, please send a notarized (raised seal) copy of your photo identification and include  with the request for information.

To obtain a court document please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Hancock County Clerk, Public Access Dept, 9 E Main Street, Rm. 213, Greenfield, IN 46140 along with a money order for the applicable document fee. It is beneficial to include contact information if it is necessary for the Court Clerk Deputies to contact you.


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